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Maternity and mental health

Qwell’s new maternal mental health collection can support you through your pregnancy and beyond. Read on for the story of how we made this collection – and why it’s so important.

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Having a baby can be an exciting journey filled with joy and anticipation. But it can also be a time of worry, fears, and other difficult feelings that many mums don’t feel as comfortable talking about.

We know that every experience of pregnancy and motherhood is different, which is why we want to support mums on their personal journeys, however they’re feeling. 

Qwell's latest collection puts maternal mental health in the spotlight.

Aisha, a young mum, talks about her experiences as both a mother and black woman going through maternity.

We created a series of articles, videos and more.

The collection is designed to validate parents’ experiences, offer support, and ultimately help mums feel less alone with whatever they’re going through. This collection is for mums from all backgrounds, including: This collection is for mums from all backgrounds, including: 

  • Mums with mental health difficulties 
  • Mums who feel the pressure to be happy or ‘okay’
  • Young mums
  • Single mums 
  • Mums from Black and ethnic minority groups
  • Mums who have had difficult pregnancies, births, or other experiences 
  • Mums who felt overwhelmed by parenthood


At Qwell, we believe it’s important to represent diverse experiences and share stories that help reduce mental health stigma.

How did we create this collection?

We collaborated with mums of varying ages and from different backgrounds and cultures in order to produce content that validated experiences, yet was rooted in mental health and wellbeing. These mums included:

  • Teen and young mums (under 25)
  • Mums who have experienced mental health difficulties during and after pregnancy
  • Black mothers (with a focus on Black maternal health)


As well as speaking with mums, we also spoke to midwives to give us a different perspective on the peri and postnatal needs of mothers.

Our writers and co-collaborators: mothers, and people with clinical expertise in both working with parents, and children.

How to view the collection

The full maternal mental health collection is published on We’ve also published some of the content on this page so you can get a flavour pf what to expect inside Qwell.

To explore the collection, use the button below. You’ll need to log in, or register if you’re new to Qwell.

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Read a small selection of articles below: (there are many more inside the collection)

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